The difference between multi-zone air conditioners and single zones

Multizone air conditioners (MULTI-ZONE) are among the air conditioners that, with the ability to provide several different airs to different parts of the environment, can be one of the best choices to reduce energy consumption while providing the air needed by each part according to the needs of that part with only one device. be

The main differences between single-zone air conditioners and multi-zone air conditioners are as follows:

▫️ A single/ one regional air conditioner can only provide one air for our environment, whereas if there is a need for several different types of air in different parts of our environment, a separate single-zone air conditioner should be installed for each individual type of air, while with multi-zone air conditioners due to their ability to supply several different types of air connected to them through separate channels. Air-conditioning units are supplied, they go to different parts of our environment, all the aerial requirements of each section can be provided only by embedding an air conditioner.

▫️ Show the use of an air conditioner instead of multiple air conditioners plays an important role in reducing energy consumption and costs.

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