Plug fan is a fan for use inside furnaces, dryers and cubicles that require uniform heat in the environment. This type of fan is also used in other cases. The license used in the fan plug can be in the forward and backward moods. In the fan plug, depending on the type of air circulation, the desired propeller is used. Plug fans are designed and manufactured to provide better and more suitable services in industry and economic activities. And they often work where they’re under pressure.

Plug Fan Applications

Plug fan is used in many areas of ventilation systems such as:

  • Ventilation Systems
  • Air Rotation Systems
  • Fresh air supply and distribution systems
  • In spaces where channeling is not possible

General and type functions of these types of fans include hot air conditioning systems, high temperature processing, evaporator spray cubicle and collector canal, air chamber and air washing and air conditioning systems.

Plug fans have husing or no hosing depending on the design. Plug fan meets the need to communicate with the channel in the run. To reduce the total costs in a system by combining and versatility in the design, we realize that plug fans allow us to integrate panels in any cubicle or wall.

These fans in a system are completely and literally a plug, they are inherently suitable for the preparation, discharge and circulation of air and applications like these.