About Us

Pars Saeed Ventilation Industries Co. designer and manufacturer of air conditioning, refrigeration and cooling, heating and heating, industrial filtration and material handling systems

Pars Saeed Ventilation Industries Complex was established in 1996 in order to work in the field of calculation, design, production of air conditioning systems by Mr. Amir Saeed Maleki.

The objectives of our committed managers and expert colleagues are to understand the needs of our customers and provide optimal services based on the most advanced technologies in the world throughout the country.Now this complex includes 8 separate units of design, research and development and construction, support services, repairs and maintenance, sales and customer relationships, technical experts and consultants, site experts and advertising affairs. Increasing competition and motivation for survival have made many organizations focus their activities on production. This requires investment in research and technological innovations. Pars Saeed Ventilation Industries in R&D unit is always looking for activities such as improving product quality, designing new product, acquiring technical knowledge for production, etc., Pars Saeed Ventilation Complex with a history of 24 years is always ready to cooperate with our customers by having modern and advanced equipment and equipment and experienced and skilled staff in the field of manufacturing and designing new products.

Enhancing the quality of the work presented within the framework of the world’s governing standard is not something that can be achieved by chance. The long-term view in research, production, supply and support is one of our strategic attitudes at work, which has been satisfied with the testimony of what has been done for Pars Saeed Ventilation Industries Co. and for its customers.