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Advantages of Pars Saeed Ventilation Industries products

– The style of making backward propellers is the reverse engineering of Italian Comfrey backward propellers.
– The diagrams provided by the Iranian Research Organization are completely consistent with the licenses of Pars Saeed Air Conditioning Industries.
– Due to cutting by laser cutting machine and stretching molds, the products are the same in every size and the uniformity of production is guaranteed.
– The size of shafts and spines is according to international standards.
– The body size of the fans of Pars Saeed Ventilation Industries is according to the standards of imported fans and can be easily replaced with them.
– The life of the fans in normal working conditions is very long and durable due to the dynamic balance and the engineering design.
– The electrostatic paint coating postpones the corrosion and oxidation of the fans and helps prolong the useful life of the fan.
– The selected thicknesses in different sections are the result of years of experience and science of the technical department of the factory, which has been able to help reduce the weight of the fan and ensure the resistance of the fans to the vibrations in a rotating equipment.
– Foley and belt size calculation is done in a completely engineering way and the extra cost due to miscalculation is never imposed on the customer and the most suitable size is always chosen.
– Pars Ventilation Industries is pleased that the customer can visit the factory at any time during the production process.

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